Testimonials from visitors who have visited the Ngare Ndare Forest for various activities

For the past 2 years the Year 8s have enjoyed getting wet, splashing in the rivers of the Aberdares, for their field study trip. This trip is used to gather essential data for the completion of the Common Entrance field study enquiry that accounts for up to 20% of their final examination mark...

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Outdoor Adventure with Peponi House...
By Mike Peck (Peponi House)

It was with great excitement and anticipation that the Year 7s boarded the school busses at the customary ‘early o’clock’ for their steady plod to Rift Valley Adventure’s, Forest Camp...

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The Ngarendare Forest was among the finalist of the 2015 Equator Prize Initiative. This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding work of indigenous people on forests, climate change and community development around the world. The Ngarendare Forest put up an application and was among the 88 finalist out of over 2000 applicants.

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